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Hi there. My journal is now Friend's Only. Which means, all you have to do is leave a comment... And I will be more than happy to add you back. ^_^
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its gina..
pathmark gina
for lack of a better description
add me!
you seem cool
ah .. omar lol its maria.. s
Hey Omar, it's Jen. I got a new journal so add it :P
Uhhh.... high *wave*

You wanted to add me earlier but i barely ever update. Mainly because after six freaking months I'm actually online again. I'll add you anyway, *teeny weeny voice* don't hate me */voice*
Hi omar, my new Lj Crooked_star baby!
add me biotch
Yo. Heard stickablestars's post, and decided to take pity on you friend you.
Hey. Able to comment and I want to friend you since you Mako's friend and a fellow Naruto fan. ^_^
Add me back! (sorry if I dont comment much...)
Sailor Moon is what got me turned onto anime to begin with!! Rock on!! Then Naruto is great!! That has to be my favorite anime next to Fruits Basket! You seem kick ass! Add me please!!

hehe oi, your useing two of my icons without giving me credit. I'd be appreciative if you'd credit me ^^"

Keywords: Naruto- Dreamer

Keywords: Naruto - Rasengan
eeek!!! friend was looking through communites with icons, and started saving them one after the other, without telling me where he got it from, so i assumed it was from the naruto community, and i gave credit there, but i will make the change ^_^
haha thats ok, I've done the same thing. Thank you. ^_^x
ADD ME please i found your name by searchingthrough journals of my friends and you name kept popping up